Spór wokół prokury łącznej niewłaściwej jako sposobu reprezentacji w spółkach kapitałowych

  1. Paweł J. Karkowski
  2. Weronika A. Stefaniuk



The dispute over the incorrect joint procuration as a way of representation in private limited companies

The subject of this article is an attempt to present the most important problems related to a power of attorney in a company that raises many questions for people who apply specific rules on a daily basis. Authors will analyze the individual issues that are the cause of doctrinal disputes as well as case law, but not without reference to practice. The purpose of the study will be to describe the incorrect joint commercial representation which should no longer be called this way. Authors will analize the legal status before and after the amendment of the Civil Code, referring to the changes critically and answering at the same time question whether those already introduced changes solve the problems that have occurred so far or they are still not sufficient. To sum up considerations in the end, authors will mark new problems pending after the amendment.


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Studenckie Prace Prawnicze, Administratywistyczne i Ekonomiczne

21, 2017

Pages from 177 to 190

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