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Wpływ polityki kulturalnej na funkcjonowanie instytucji kultury w Polsce

  1. Małgorzata Januszewska ORCiD: 0000-0001-5893-9561


The impact of cultural policy on the functioning of cultural institutions in Poland

 The article introduces the reader into the situation on the Polish culture market. It explains the basic concepts, such as politics, culture, cultural policy and cultural institution, the knowledge of which is essential to understanding the sense of considering this topic. The paper presents the general conditions of the functioning of cultural institutions and the structure of their financing. Then, it discusses the main problems faced by institutions of each size. It is also an attempt at assessing the level of interest in the products of the activities of cultural institutions. The last part examines the extent to which these results were affected by the actions undertaken by representatives of the State and the EU within the framework of implementation of the cultural policy.

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Studenckie Prace Prawnicze, Administratywistyczne i Ekonomiczne

18, 2015

Strony od 41 do 56

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